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I love how AI evolved in recent years, so I made this AI writer comparison to see how one product differs from another. Even though they use the same engine from OPenAI, every AI writing tool has uniqueness, making it better than competitors. Some factors are how each platform develops and the niches that it chooses.

Open AI with GPT3 has really changed the game of Artificial Intelligence. You will see, almost all AI writers will never give you the same sentences!

While AI Writer is not an actual substitute for writing, it performs some valuable functions. AI writing tools can help a writer to avoid writer block.

AI writers still have a long way to go before they can actually replace humans, or maybe never will be.

Comparison Guidelines

  • Subject: why japan surrender in world war 2
  • Tool to use: Blog Intro with 1st generation output


  • AI writing tools give few alternate outputs, usually 3 to 5. I choose the best output (and longest) from each product.
  • All products update very quickly. Test time: September 2021
AI Writer Comparison
AI Writer Comparison

Comparing AI Writing Tools in The Market

WordHero AI

The bombing of Tokyo on March 10, 1945the U.S. Army Air Force was one of the most significant points of World War II that led to the surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945 after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima three days before. The Allied Forces continued to push forward with their invasion of Japan and threatened to invade more heavily populated areas of Japan until Emperor Hirohito announced his “sacred decision” to end the war.

ContentBot AI

One of the most commonly referenced events in World War II is Japan’s surrender. The two major reasons why Japan surrendered is because of the atomic bombs and the internal pressures of their country. The atomic bombs were, in a sense, a victory for the Allies because they were able to weaken the Japanese army without having to potentially have a land invasion. As a result, Japan’s internal pressures from their citizens to keep fighting intensified which ultimately led to their surrender.

Peppertype AI

Why Japan surrendered in World War II? The answer to this question is only knowna few people in the world who know the background of World War II. Japan surrendered in World War II because of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The result of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a big shock to the Japanese.
The atomic bombing in Nagasaki killed over 70,000 innocent people in a matter of seconds. The destruction in these cities was horrendous and it left a devastating impact on Japan. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima was equally brutal. The nuclear bombing in Hiroshima killed over

Nichesss AI

Japan was the third country to enter the Second World War after Germany and Italy, yet it ended up being the first to surrender. Why? There are many factors that have led to the Japanese decision to surrender, but it begins with the sheer destructive power of the atomic bombs unleashed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan had decided to fight until what people would call the last American was killed. The Japanese expected the Americans to attack at any moment, so they remained in their bunkers, safe from the bombs.

Writecream AI

When the United States declared war on Japan, the United States did not have the ability to imagine the damage that would be causedthe atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Although Japan did not surrender after the bombing, they did surrender. Even though the United States did not have the total victory that they wanted, they got what they wanted. It was the beginning of the end of the war, but the United States did not get what they wanted. The Japanese did not give up their imperial ambitions without a fight.

Scalenut AI

Japan was a military power in the world at that time and had been building up its army for decades, but despite this they still lost to America in World War 2. The reason behind this is because of an internal conflict within Japan. In the past, the Japanese government has been accused of having a secret agreement with Germany called “The Tripartite Pact”. When Hitler invaded Poland, he attacked Japan as well, which was not expectedthe Japanese government. This made them lose trust

GoCopy AI

A lot of people believe that the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were what forced Japan to surrender in WWII. Although it is true that these bombings did end up getting the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, the primary reason is that Japan had already decided to surrender long before that.


Japan surrendered in World War II after losing the Battle of Midway. The Japanese had been fighting the United States since 1941. They were defeated at Pearl Harbor in December 1941.
The Japanese Empire was the largest empire in history. It covered much of Asia, including China, Korea, Taiwan, Indochina, Indonesia, Malaysia, the… (outputs name lots of countries)

Shortly AI

The Japanese surrendered in World War II for a number of reasons, including their old imperialist ambition to conquer Asia and the Pacific lead them into a bloody stalemate that they could not win.

The American devastation of Hiroshima threw their military off-balance. The Potsdam agreement between Russia, America, and England forced Japan to succumb or face total destruction. Still other factors involved include the Russian invasion of Manchuria, the American recapture of Iwo Jima, and word about D-Day. They also had to take into account an internal rebellion within Japan itself which threatened their government’s very existence.

Thank you Rahmantogusnyta Mariantisna for Shortly AI output

Jarvis AI / Conversion AI

Japan surrendered in World War 2 not because it was militarily defeated, but because its people were starving and war-weary. This is the story of how Japan’s surrender changed history as we know it.

The Japanese military had been fighting for six years when they finally surrendered to Allied forces on August 15, 1945. Although the Allies were victorious, there are many controversies surrounding this event. The two most controversial topics are: why did Japan surrender and what would have happened if Japan never surrendered? There has been a lot of speculation that America wanted to use nuclear weapons against Nagasaki and Hiroshima so that they could win without having to invade mainland Japan; however, these claims have yet to be proven true or falsehistorians due to lack of

Thank you MD Billal for Conversion AI output


  1. They believed that they would lose the war and Japan was better off without the war.
  2. They were afraid of the atomic bomb and wanted to avoid further devastation.
  3. Japan lost more soldiers than they anticipated and they had no hope of winning the war.

Thank you Merk Tern for AISEO output

Note: I include all outputs because they are to short.

CloserCopy AI

The Japanese military was one of the best in the world, but after years of invasion and humiliation at the hands of the western powers, they were no longer sure they could beat them. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S.A had a huge advantage because their top military men knew exactly what they were doing, and how to do it. The Japanese soldiers were disorganized, poorly trained and equipped and there was no coordination between the army, navy and air force.

The Americans bombed the hell out of japan with incendiary bombs, dropped mustard gas on them and hit them with nuclear bombs. They even used biological warfare against themreleasing anthrax on several islands. The Japanese didn’t have the equipment to fight back effectively, and they couldn’t even use their nukes properly because they didn’t have any delivery vehicles.

Thank you Alejandro Bombita for CloserCopy AI output.

Comparing AI Writing Tools in The Market
Comparing AI Writing Tools in The Market

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These are AI writer comparison and tools I have and tried. I will updates other new AI writers for this subject when I get my hands on them.

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